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Chris Amlie has been involved in the tattoo industry for over 15 years. Since then, he has worked in shops from New York City to Long Island to Florida. While specializing in bio-organic and biomechanical work, Chris' tattoo work is a direct reflection of his dedication to remaining versatile and adaptive in every style that is brought to him.

Like many others in the field of tatoo, Chris started at a young age painting motorcycle jackets and doodling in sketchbooks. After getting enough tattoos himself and visiting many tattoo shops, he decided tattooing was something he wanted to make a part of his life, and soon afterwards, acquired an apprenticeship. His drawing and art background are mostly self taught, learning more of the trade from other artists along the way.

Chris' artistic style has been shaped and molded by countless influences throughout his career. From an early age, he's been a loyal fan of horror movies like Alien and Night of the Living Dead, and a long time fan of heavy metal and punk rock bands. From artists like H.R. Gieger, Pushead, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Carlos Juanta, and Derek Riggs, to tattoo artists like Fillip Leu and Robert Hernandez, Chris finds his inspiration fueled driven by bettering both his art and tattoo work.

Chris' passion is to deliver quality work regardless of a tattoo's style or genre, while constantly growing and improving. If you're looking for a custom feel for your next tattoo, and want to work with an artist who is truly passionate about his craft, check out Chris' work below in his gallery and call to make an appointment.

Consultations & Appointments

*The deposit will be deducted from the overall price of the tattoo or at the end of its final session, depending on the size and scale of the tattoo. The deposit is nonrefundable! Failure to show up for your appointment will result in forfeit of your deposit. A 24 hour notice at the latest is required for rescheduling appointments. *


  • - Consultations are scheduled in advance to discuss the planning of the tattoo.
  • - Consultations are free of charge and are always best in person.
  • - Estimated prices, date, session time, and details can be discussed and sketched during the consultation.
  • - Contact information will be required for scheduling for both consultations and booking appointments.


  • - Appointments are usually scheduled in person after or during a consultation, and require a deposit.
  • - The amount of the deposit is determined by the estimated price of the tattoo.
  • - The deposit secures scheduled appointments for you, pays for any required artwork needed for the tattoo design, and guarantees adequate time required to complete your tattoo.
  • - Valid identification (state drivers license) is required for proof of age and shop records at the beginning of the tattoo session.
  • - Valid identification will be photocopied to the 'consent to be tattooed' form which you will need to fill out at the beginning of the appointment date.

Contact Chris

Please contact Chris with your questions about design and pricing.